Superintendent of Building
Patrick Blizniak

All Town and Village building and code enforcement services are handled by this office.  The purpose of the department is to ensure safety and code compliance through the implementation and enforcement of all local, state and federal codes, regulations and zoning ordinances.

Phone: (716) 652-7591
Fax: (716) 652-3507

Code Enforcement Officer and 
Asst. Building Inspector: 
William Kramer

 Elizabeth Cassidy

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Building & Code Enforcement

The Building Department's daily goal is to insure that all ordinances handled by this office are enforced as fairly and efficiently as possible and all buildings are built as safely as possible.

The Building Department serves the Town of Aurora along with the Village of East Aurora. The department enforces regulations and zoning associated with the construction of buildings and provides zoning district information pertaining to land use within each district. It reviews plans and conducts inspections to assure compliance with New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, Town of Aurora and Village of East Aurora zoning code as well as various local, state and federal codes and standards. All building projects, ranging from decks and sheds to additions and major commercial structures, must meet standards of safety. In order to guarantee the proper and safe construction of all structures, permit(s) must be obtained before any project begins.

Click Here for the Town Code

Click Here for the Village Code

Click Here for the New York State Building Code

Click Here for the Town Zoning Map


Obtaining a Permit


The Building Department receives and processes applications for the following:

  • All new construction 
  • Deck/Patio 
  • Addition
  • Gazebo
  • Gas Piping Permit NEW! 
  • Structural Alteration 
  • Garage
  • Pool (above and In-ground) 
  • Shed
  • Wood stove
  • Excavation and Fill 
  • Pond 
  • Tower
  • Sign (Temporary and permanent)
  • Demolition 
  • Foundation
  • Conversions

Quick Facts

  • Permits are needed for any structural work
  • Permits are good for one (1) year
  • Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance is required upon completion of all building permits
  • Roof shingles can not be more than two (2) layers
  • No permit needed for fencing (call for height regulations)
  • A fence is required when installing an in-ground pool or a pool less than 48" above grade
  • Fees are made payable to the Town of Aurora
  • Planning & Conservation Board meets the first Wednesday of the month
  • Zoning Board of Appeals meets the third Thursday of the month
  • Flood zone information 
  • $200 Recreation/Park fee is collected for all new dwellings

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide alarms (or, where permitted, carbon monoxide detectors) shall be provided in all new and existing buildings and structures described in New York State Section 610.1, without regard to the date of construction of the building or structure and without regard to whether such building or structure shall or shall not have been offered for sale. Click here for more information.

Stormwater Management

CLICK HERE for the Town of Aurora's stormwater management page.