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On April 15, 1818, New York State adopted legislation creating the Towns of Aurora, Holland, and Wales, effective March 1 of the following year. In anticipation of the 200th anniversary next year, representatives from the three communities have been meeting to organize a bicentennial celebration that will begin in April 2018 and continue through March 2019.

Each of the three towns is planning celebrations of their own; and a joint committee, which includes the town supervisors, town historians and town council members from each town, have joined forces to plan collaborative events.



Local civic groups, businesses and churches are invited to hop on the “bicentennial bandwagon” with bicentennial-themed events and programs of their own. Please feel free to be creative. Community organizations and businesses may use this opportunity to highlight their own histories and contributions to our town. Hopping on the bicentennial bandwagon is simple! If you or your organization is planning a bicentennial-themed event, program or project (or if you are adding a bicentennial theme to an existing event), simply click on the links below to find out more details and to fill out the form.

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